Teachers’ Code of Conduct

Teachers’ Code of Conduct (Rules)

  • Every teacher/employee shall be governed by these rules and is liable for all consequences in the event of any breach of rules by him/her.
  • Every teacher/employee shall at all times maintain integrity of character, be devoted to his/her duty and be honest and impartial in his/her official dealings.
  • A teacher/an employee shall be required to observe the scheduled hours of working during which he/she must be present at the place of his/her work. No employee shall be absent from duty without prior permission. Even during leave or vacation, no teacher/employee shall leave headquarters except with the prior permission of proper authority. Whenever leaving station, a teacher/an employee shall inform the Principal, in-writing through the respective HOD or the Principal directly if he/she happens to be a HOD the address at which he/she would be available during the period of his/her absence from the headquarters.
  • Employee shall not be a member of any political party or shall take part in politics or be associated with any party or organization which takes part in political activity, nor shall aid or assist in any manner any political movement or activity.
  • No teacher/employee shall make any statement, publish or write through any media which has the effect of an adverse criticism of any policy or action of the College or detrimental to the interests of the college.
  • A teacher/an employee against whom an Insolvency Proceedings commenced in a court of law shall forthwith report full facts thereof to the college.
  • A teacher/ an employee against whom Criminal Proceedings are initiated in a Court of Law shall immediately inform the college regarding the details thereof.
  • No teacher/employee shall except with prior permission of the competent authority, have recourse to law or to the press for the vindication of any official Act of the college which has been the subject matter of criticism or attach defamatory character. Whenever a teacher/an employee wishes to put forth any claim or seeks redressal of any grievances he/she must forward his/her case in writing through proper channel to the competent authority and shall not forward any such advance copies of his/her application to any higher authorities unless the competent authority has rejected his/her claim or redressal of the grievances or has delayed the matter beyond a reasonable time.
  • A teacher/an employee who commits any offence or dereliction of duty or act detrimental to the interests of the college is subject to an enquiry and punishment by the competent authority. However, any teacher/employee aggrieved with the decision of the competent authority may appeal against such punishment or decision within 15 days of the receipt of the orders of the decision to the Governing Body/Management and the decision of the Governing Body/Management thereon, is final and binding on the teacher/employee.
  • No teacher/employee shall engage or incitements therein or similar activities such as absence from work or neglect of duties or participate in hunger strike etc. Violation of the rule will amount to misconduct and attract deterrent punishment.


  • All teachers/employees are liable for disciplinary action for disobedience, misconduct and dereliction/negligence of duty. However such disciplinary action shall be taken after establishing the grounds on which the disciplinary action is initiated and after a reasonable opportunity has been provided to the teacher/employee to defend himself/herself.
  • In case of moral turpitude or misconduct the Governing Body shall have the right to suspend the teacher/employee with immediate effect. The period of suspension shall not exceed 6 (six) months within which the case must be decided. During the period of suspension the teacher/employee shall be paid an allowance equal to half amount of his/her salary. If ultimately the teacher/employee is removed from service, notice period of such removal shall not be allowed nor will any salary be paid in lieu thereof.
  • As part of the disciplinary action, the following punishments for good and sufficient reasons may be imposed upon the employees of the institution, after establishing the facts about committing an offence and dereliction /negligence of duties.
  • No college teacher shall be required to teach for more periods than laid down by the University apart from such co-curricular activities as may be assigned to him/her by the Principal as per UGC guidelines and work load of teachers adopted by the University. Further, if a teacher is given some extra teaching work temporarily for a fortnight or more he/she shall be paid proportionately for that; Provided that the additional work load given to a teacher shall not exceed 12 periods a week. If it exceeds this limit, then a part time lecturer would be appointed by the college and paid at rates approved by the University.
  • All the employees of the college shall be subject to the general disciplinary and conduct rules of the college.
  • All the teacher/employees of the college are required to be present in the college throughout the working hours of the college on all working days.
  • A teacher/an employee of the college shall devote his/her whole time to the service of the college and not to engage directly or indirectly in any trade or business or private tuition or any other work which is likely to interfere with the proper discharge of his/her duties. This provision shall not apply to academic work relating to University Examinations, Question paper setting, Delivering Guest Lectures and any other work undertaken with the prior permission of the Principal/Chairman.
  • A teacher/an employee may be placed under suspension by the appointing authority pending inquiry into framed charges by giving the teacher/employee a fair chance to represent his/her case. The Principal/Chairman is empowered to suspend any teacher/employee if it is in the interest of the college and report his/her action to the Governing Body and the University as the case may be.
  • The services of a teacher/an employee are liable to be terminated on grounds of fraud, gross indiscipline, negligence of duties, prolonged illness, disability to discharge his/her official duties satisfactorily etc., giving 3months notice or 3months salary in lieu thereof for regular teacher/employee. The teacher/employee concerned however shall be given full and fair opportunity to represent his/her case before effecting such termination. In all such cases the Nagaland State Government rules in force shall be applicable.
  • No application of a teacher/an employee seeking employment elsewhere shall be forwarded during the first year of service. On completion of first year of service not more than two applications per academic year shall be forwarded for outside jobs.
  • A teacher/an employee shall have to give 3 three months notice in case he/she desires to be relieved on resignation or alternatively he/she shall pay three months salary in lieu thereof. The resignation shall come into force from the date of accepting the resignation by the Governing Body/Principal or date of his/her relief whichever is earlier.
  • For all employees in the college an individual personal file and Service Register shall be maintained with regular updating as per Nagaland State Government/affiliating University norms. The Governing Body/Principal shall maintain proper and regular service record of the Principal/teachers and as when any punishment is to be given to any staff member, the service record shall be taken into account. Adverse remarks, if any, shall be communicated to the person concerned by the 30th September of the current year and the concerned employee shall have the right to appeal within 30 days of receipt of the said remarks.

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