IQAC comprises of the following members:

Sl.No Designation Name of the Member
1. Chairperson/Convener Dr. Keneisenuo Solo, Principal
2. Governing Body Representative Mr. Kelhuseto Peseyie, Chairman
3. External Nominee Nagaland University Representative  
4. Prominent Business/Enterpreneur Mr. Ameto Angami
5. External Nominee (Administration) Mr. Thejavizo Nakhro NPS, Extra Assistant Commissioner, Chumukedima.
6. External Nominee NAAC Mentor-Mentee Representative Dr.Thepfuvilie Peirü, Coordinator, IQAC, Patkai Christian College (Autonomous)
7. Vice Principal Mrs. Eneingulo-u Lasuh
8. Local Body Representative Mr. Stephen Meyase
9. Dean of Students’ Mr. Talisunup Ao
10. Dean of Academics Mr. G. Aloto Achumi
11. HoD Commerce Mr. A Hriyio Eshena
12. HoD History Mr. Petevituo Kire
13. Superintendent Mr. Vevota Resü
14. Alumni Executive Ms. Jemima V Kits
15. Students’ Nominee  
16. Students’ Nominee  
17. Secretary Mr. Petevituo Kire
18. Coordinator Mr. Imlisunep

Unique Functions of IQAC

  1. Prepares annual calendar events of the institution.
  2. Conducts periodical meetings.
  3. Organizes capacity building programs.
  4. Feedback analysis.
  5. Departmental action plan and report.
  6. Committees’ action plan and report.
  7. Co-ordinates the preparation of individuals time table and lesson plan.
  8. Facilitates the documentation process.
  9. Extend support for organizing the  programs.
  10. Encourage faculty’s research activities.
  11. Prepares AQAR and submit to NAAC office online.
  12. Students’ progress and support service.
  13. Benchmarks.
  14. Facilitates the process of infrastructure development of the college.

Academic Calendar

Eastern Christian College NAAC PEER TEAM VISIT Feb. 2021

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