About the College

Eastern Christian College is located in Padumpukhuri under the Chumukedima sub-division of the Dimapur District of Nagaland state. It is, in fact the only college in this area with approximately 586 students. It is a co-education college affiliated to the Nagaland University. The college has 9600 square meters of land and geographically located in Tribal area. Situated by the National Highway 29, this college is well-connected with the capital and other important places of Nagaland. The college received recognition from the UniversityGrant Commission (UGC) Under 2(f) and 12(B) on 28th November, 2006.

The college came into existence in 1992 through the initiative taken by a group of eminent philanthropist and social workers who recognized the importance of higher education in the development of the state. They also realized that it was very difficult and often impossible for the people living in tribal areas, because of various problems such as the greater cost involved in studying outside one’s hometown. Like all other good initiative, this effort also experienced various ups and downs. The college got approval from the Higher & Technical Education Government of Nagaland on 19th July 1993 to open a college. It had a humble beginning with just 47 students. In 1998 the Nagaland University grants a three-year provisional approval to open B.A Degree Course. In 2009, the Nagaland University Grants permission to open B.Com Degree Course and B.A Sociology. Consequently, in 2011 NU grant provisional affiliation to introduce B.A General (Evening Shift).

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